How to link Custom Calculations to processing method ?

How do you  to link Custom Calculations to Processing Method and calculate a concentration value from that CC file formulae ?

  • Hi

    Sounds like you're using OpenLab CDS, so the answer to the first part is to scroll down to the custom calculations section of the processing method and either link to, or embed the custom calculation file.

    I'm not sure I understand the second part of the question.  In OpenLab, "Concentration" is calculated from amount, multipliers and dilution factors.  If your formula calculates another value that you are referring to as concentration then, assuming that you have the correct scope for the formula, the result will be displayed in the Injection Results table.

    Hope that makes sense.


  • Andy

           Thanks for this ,using  Openlab v2.3 , trying to cross link sequence, processing, cc files to generate a result from the calibration curve . Have linked the cc file to the process method or have embedded the file in the process method but still no expected result generated . 
    not sure what I am doing wrong ? 

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