Hi everyone,

We have detected fails in 3 FLD modules installed in the same instrument.


The fist of these gave the error 06712 (emission motor did not find position),and was replaced with a second module. This when it was being installed failed again (EMISSION MOTOR HAS FAILED. EMISSION ENCODER ERROR) a had to be replaced with a third module.


Only one month later the third module was installed, it has failed again. This time the error given has been 06713 Excitation Motor lost its position.

Perhaps, it could be due to the firmware but we are not sure.


Thanks a lot for your help.

  • Hello,

    with so little information, it's almost impossible to tell what's happening here. I'd need to know the model numbers and firmware revisions of all modules in the stack (a LabAdvisor system report would be ideal), the part numbers used etc. I'd like to see the exported logs and results as well.

    Why have the modules been replaced and not just the monochromator? Maybe it just wasn't seated correctly.

    What's the environment like? Is there a lot of dust or dirt?

    Sorry for asking, but have you, as a customer, serviced the FLDs yourself or are you working as a service provider?

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