Agilent 1260 infinity ii high back pressure

We are having a high back pressures issue with Agilent 1260 infinity ii, and the clog has been identified to be somewhere in the column compartment area between the heat exchanger inlet and the column inlet. However, we are stuck because we do not have access to the related capillaries due to the design of the vialsampler as shown in the picture.. anyone else had high pressure issues in that area? Thank you

  • Hi,

    I will suggest to call service from your local agilent support.

    If you are sure that blockage is in column compartment then may be valve installed in TCC or Flex Cube has some problem.

  • Yes, this can occur sometimes when buffers are being used. You have a few options, 1. you can switch the red capillary from port 6 to side B, then switch the capillary in the lower left side of your photo also to B (the one with the red fingertight), now you will be using a different channel of the ICC. 2. you could try and clean out the clog in the ICC. Maybe you can do this by removing the column and installing a union, then you can heat up the ICC to be 60 or so and then flow some water through the system to try and get rid of the blockage. 3. you could replace the ICC, with a new part. Hope this helps.

  • Try moving to the 2nd channel which looks like it's not being used.   

    1-Move the red capillary from port 5 to the right I see a white nut- move that over

    2- where you have the column inlet circled remove the white nut there and then do you have flow to that point?  

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