Swapped pump, now receiving error "remote partner missing" from vial sampler

The degasser in our G7112B failed (diaphragm in the vacuum pump tore) and I swapped it out with a spare G1311A/G1379 combo while we wait for parts/repair.

Everything is connected and configured properly, the instrument config in OpenLab CDS 2.3 has been updated, and AQ can control it.

However, our vial sampler (G7129A) reports "remote partner missing". I've poked around Lab Advisor but I can't find anything that seems like it might be useful and my GoogleFu has turned up nothing on this error message.

Any ideas for how to resolve this error?

The system contains the following components 

  • G1315B DAD
    • fw A.07.02
  • G7162A RID
    • fw D.07.25
  • G7116A thermostat'd column compartment with valve
    • fw C.07.21
  • G7129A vial sampler
    • D.07.26
  • G1311A/G1379A pump
    • A.07.01
  • G1158A valve (switches between DAD and RID)
    • A.07.01
  • Hey, in Lab Advisor, you can go to services and diagnostics. Then to the sampler and choose firmware declustering. Once in firmware declustering, you can click on the vialsampler and choose clear clustering configuration data. This should solve the issue. Alternative solution would be, to right click on the sampler in openlab 2.3, then choose control, then edit the pump connected to the sampler to the older pump. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks so much for the reply! Going to add this to my little text file knowledgebase. 

    In the end, I think I achieved the same result by updating the firmware on the sampler (as well as the RID and column compartment, because why not?). I suspect doing so cleared or reset some NVRAM variables.

  • No problem. Updating the firmware clears the clustering data, so that is also a solution.

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