how to recover damaged spectra file

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Any way to recover an hplc chromatogram that has a 'damaged spectra file' in chemstation?  I'm using Chemstation revision C.01.07 SR3 [465].



  • How did the file get damaged? Just one file? What type of detector did you use (model#)? Was the detector set as the access point, so is the LAN cable going from the detector to the PC?

  • I don't know how it got damaged, and it's just that file (from a run of ~15 samples).  The detector is a G1315C and yeah, it's connected to the PC.

  • Thanks, so the access point has been chosen correctly. However, I'm not aware of any way to recover a damaged file. I'm with Agilent for about 18 years and never came across such case. Still I would run the detector tests from LabAdvisor, just to make sure the hardware is working correctly.

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    do you need the spectra from the damaged file?

    How do you know that the file is damaged? Maybe just one spectra is missing? Or is the file significantly smaller than the other ones? 
    It might be possible to fix the spectra file by hand or extract the spectra from it to a .csv file with our tools.. I have a custom C# implementation which can read raw .UV files and extract the spectra.. If this is any help to you, you can sent me the file and i try to extract the spectra and sent it to you as a .csv (if it´s extractable).


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  • Hi Timo,

    We don't need the spectra now since we did a re-run and have already reported, however it would be nice to fix it head-on without having to re-run, as time is of the essence.  I've pasted a comparison of injections 9,10, and 11 of the sequence.  Injection 10 is clearly missing the Report01 file (the pdf is generated after processing, as you probably know).  Perhaps this will be helpful in assessing the problem?  I can send file(s) if needed.  Thanks again! Bert


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