"Hivac Guage is not connected" Error on 5977B

Hello I have a 5977B. It says something similar "Hivac Guage is not connected" what does that mean? Its been a while since Ive used it and I dont recall seeing that memo on the panel but foreline pressure is good its at 70mtorr

  • The optional high vacuum gauge has a cable between the gauge and the electronics. It is either disconnected or the gauge has failed.

    See page 125 and 126 in the 5977B Series MSD Operating Manual for instructions on how to turn it on and off.

    The gauge itself is mounted on the back of the analyzer manifold at the opposite end from the ion source. It is number 10 in this diagram and the cable is number 20.

    The ion gauge itself has a filament that glows and ionizes any molecules in the gauge. Those ions are captured and the current flow across those ions is proportional to the vacuum reading.  The ion gauge filament will fail someday and the gauge must be replaced.

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