MassHunter 'Chromatogram Information' Overlay With Offset?

I have customers that want several TIC chromatograms to be overlaid but with an offset between each chromatogram so the baselines aren't right on top of each other.  This is easy to do in the old Chemstaion software in Tools>Set Overlay Parameters> Enable Offsetting.

In MassHunter Quant, you can choose View>Chromatogram Information to overlay the TIC of multiple samples, but there appears to be no way in this window to offset chromatograms from each other.

I was wondering if anyone knows a way to do this in MassHunter, maybe with a scrip or a custom report like this image below:


  • Offsetting the axes, Y or X, is not a feature in MassHunter.   You can do head to tail comparison.

    Overlaying in different colors and choosing which one is active can be done but there's not a way to do what you're asking even in a custom report. I was going to submit it as a feature request and a request was already entered once some years ago. The thought of changing the chromatogram/signal even in a plot goes against a lot of people's concepts about data integrity. 

    You could do a brute force method by saving each as a transparent background GIF picture and then overlaying them, but that would be tiresome if it needed to be done frequently.

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