Simultaneously connect ALS and Headspace Sampler to MSD


We have a 5977B GC/MSD, with a 7890B GC and a 7697A Headspace sampler.

The 7890B GC has an ALS sitting on the front inlet and the HS sampler is connected to the 7890B via the back inlet.
Both inlets work fine individually and both have their own columns.

But as we need to switch frequently between the two sampling methods and we need the one MSD for both inlet types, that means we have to change the connectors everytime manually, which is time consuming and sometimes the columns break...

Is there a way two connect both inlets to the one MSD connector, maybe with a y-piece or with a valve?
We don't mind if both inlets use the same column for separation or a different one and the streams are later merged towards the MSD.

But I just couldn't figure out which accessories can help achieve this goal, as there are plenty, but none seems to fit that exact purpose?

Thanks a lot for your suggestions!

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