Simultaneous SIM/ SCAN acquisition. 5977 MS

Is there any literature or application notes using simultaneous SIM/ SCAN acquisition for Agilent 5977 and higher MS systems? I am looking to understand pros and cons. I am currently running sample twice - once in SIM then follwed by full scan.

  • Here is a link to an application note that might be able to help you.  It's an older note but still applicable to current single quad MSDs.  The keys to being successful with SIM/Scan are selecting the appropriate method parameters so you have enough data points for quantitation across the peak (10-15 is a good target).  In SIM/Scan mode, the Quadrupole switches between each mode the entire run.  Valuable Quadrupole cycle time must be split between the two modes of operation; therefore, it is important to select the appropriate Scan Sampling Rate, and SIM Dwell Times so the data file will have enough points per second for good analysis.

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