Process = ? prompt

We have recently been getting the prompt of "Process = ?" after starting a run on our GC/MS. It does not happen all the time but will appear from time to time. I have searched to determine what this prompt is and have look at the sequence to determine if there is anything out of the ordinary there and have come up with nothing. Does anyone know what this prompt is and how to resolve it? Thanks! 

  • What version of MassHunter Acquisition?

    What is your configuration - what GC, MS, samplers, other devices, other software, other add-ins ?

    Are you connected to a laboratory network? Are your methods, tune files, and data being held locally as required?

    Do you reboot the acquisition computer once per week or more?  -=-- Microsoft recommends that for all Windows computers.

    Do you see this when:

    1. Single run or sequence
    2. Can we see the methods and sequence?
      1. Are you using MSD ChemStation Data Analysis and maybe have some sequence Data Analysis stuff enabled on purpose or accidentally?
      2. Does it happen right after clicking run sequence – are you truly running a new sequence or doing position and run
      3. Do you use any keywords in your sequence table?
  • We are using a GC 8890/ MS 5977B set up with a MassHunter version of 10.2489 and the ChemStation software version F01.03.2365. All of our files are held on the computer itself and we do not always reboot the computer weekly.

    The prompt is typically seen when we start a sequence but it also happens when we do the position and run. The sequence itself does have the keyword PAUSE placed between our required daily samples. 

  • Before you start the sequence type   SLOG  <enter>   in the command line.

    Start the sequence - if the error occurs, in the command line type     ENDLOG   <enter>.   Please share the file that will be displayed.  If the error does not occur, you may have to do that a few times.

    The Sequence log is found at D:\masshunter\gcms\1\ sequence_info.log and that might be helpful, too.

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