GC-MS Baseline Increase

I am using GC-MS and Ultra Inert Liners, 5190-2295 for Pyrethroid pesticides.

Problem: The baseline has a normal section and an increased section during the sample analysis process. The increased section obscures Cypermethrin peak and Cyfluthrin peak (I care a lot about these two substances)

This increase or decrease does not depend on the oven program.

Please give me some advice to improve the problem

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  • This is a thermo MS using their software.  If this was an Agilent system I would try looking at the chromatogram in MassHunter Qualitative Analysis and plot each of the SIM ions in each group to see if it is one or more that have higher baseline.  I would also try running in SIM/Scan mode so that Scan data could also be evaluated to see what else is going on by time segment.  Since some segments appear normal, it is probably related to a method setpoint.  

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