Recommended Procedure for cleaning insulators on 5977 source?


What is the recommended procedure for cleaning insulators on the 5977 source?


  • Replacement.   SS/Inert/Extractor repeller insulators (qty 2)  G1099-20133.  Extractor lens insulator (qty 1 )  G3870-20445. HES Extractor lens insulator (qty 1) G7002-20064.   CI insulator G1999-20433.   The repeller side insulator and the extractor lens insulator are in the ionization chamber and are constantly exposed to sample residue. These should be replaced regularly.

    Ceramic insulators are nearly impossible to clean properly.  A long time ago - 5970 days -  it was recommended to bake them sitting in a crucible in a muffle furnace at 1000° C.  Start with it cold, place the parts in the crucible, close the door, set it to 1000° C, wait for it to heat to that temperature, then turn it off and let it cool completely before removing. They must heat up and cool down slowly.   That process uses a lot of energy, and the parts still sometimes fracture from thermal expansion.  It's not really worth it.

    The brown lens insulator is typically replaced as well. If it is discolored or brittle/not as flexible, replace it.  It could be wiped off dry or wiped off with solvent dipped cotton swabs, but any residue may allow lens voltages to go between the lenses and compromise system operation.  SS/Inert EI lens insulator G3170-20530.    Extraction EI lens insulator G3870-20530.  CI lens insulator G7002-20074. 

  • Thank you for your answer. We will order some replacements.

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