Can I use a MS40+ vacuum pump 25KF model with the Agilent 5873N MS?

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Can I use a MS40+ vacuum pump 25KF model with the Agilent 5873N MS?

  • Agilent MSDs were never tested with the MS40+ pump.  It is a single stage rotary vane oil bath pump.  It has sufficient pumping speed and capacity but would need to be plugged into a wall socket rather than plugged directly into the back of the MSD to avoid any possible problems with too much current draw and blowing the fuses inside the MSD. This means that the power switch on the front of the MS will not be controlling the pump, of course.  The flange is KF25, so you would need to have a KF25 to KF16 reducer and the necessary O rings and clamps to connect it to the hose.

    It is important that any rough pump attached to a GCMS system has an automatic anti-suckback valve so that if the power goes out, the vacuum is instantly closed off to prevent a catastrophic vent/backstream.  On a diffusion pumped system a backstream destroys the MS with vaporized diffusion pump fluid coating the entire analyzer.  On a turbo pumped system the catastrophic vent may permanently damage the turbo pump along with the oxidation caused on the heated parts inside.

     The currently available and supported pumps for Agilent single quad GCMS systems are the Agilent IDP-3 dry scroll pump, the Pfeiffer Duo 3.0 Dual Stage rotary vane pump w/oil bath, and the Pfeiffer MVP 070 reciprocating pump.

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