6890 and 5973N communication issues

Hi all, I'm trying to find instructions for setting up the communication for this setup: 6890N 5973N, MS Chemstation.

The GC, computer, and MS are connected to the bus in the right ports.

To start,  I ran the Agilent MSD Configuration program and set the IP addresses. for the GC and for the MSD

On the config panel on the GC, I entered the recommended IP addresses and gateway.
In the 5973 panel, I went to +Network and found the following:
"MSD IP via Keyboard" is set to That doesn't match the recommended setting of , can that be changed using the led panel?
Also, the ping Chemstation times out,
there's no gateway address, no chemstation IP, no GC IP address.
Do I need to figure out how to use the bootp program, or is there a simpler solution?
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