Agilent 5977C Extraction Source Autotune Failed - Tune action stopped: Divide by zero


I am trying to do an extraction source autotune (ETUNE) on our brand new 5977C that we just installed and I am getting an error message "Tune action stopped: Divide by zero". Can anyone advise what is causing this and how I can manually adjust the tune parameters to fix this? When I perform a regular autotune (ATUNE), it completes without any issues and all parameters look fine.

  • Was the 5977C installed by Agilent and passed the installation checkout including a passing etune?   

    Please reply with the exact steps you're taking that leads to this error.

    Or, try these steps:

    Get the parameters of the completed atune.u - either printed or screen captured.

    In MassHunter Acquistion select the menu:  Instrument, MS Tune File, select etune.u.

    Then Instrument, Edit Tune Parameters, and enter all of the Atune.U parameters, except set repeller to 4.98 and ion body to 4.5.

    Select DONE, and then save that as etune.u.

    and try performing etune.

    Please let us know what happens.

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