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My lab uses an Agilent 7200 Accurate Mass Q-TOF GC/MS system. At random points the MS will go offline. Power cycling the MS and restarting the software brings it back online but it keeps going off line at random times. I've cleaned the ethernet ports, cleared old  data, checked for any random updates on the computer but nothing seems to solve this issue. Has anyone experienced this before and what can be done to fix it?

  • Does it come back to good connection after the power cycle and reboot every time? Is the GC still online when this happens? Is the instrument just sitting there at idle when this happens or is it during a run/sequence?   Runs and sequences have logs that could help understand what's happening. Do you reboot the computer at least once per week - Microsoft's preference? What version of MassHunter Acquisition Software are you running currently?   

  • After the power cycle the connection would be restored every time. Yes the GC is still online when this happens. It has happened while sitting idle but more often happens when a sequence is running. We do not reboot the computer once a week. The version of Masshunter is 6.02 [049]

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  • MassHunter 6.01 was released November 2012 for the 7200A. B.07.02 was released September 2014 for the 7200B.Are you still on Windows 7?  If your computer is running Windows 10, you should upgrade your MassHunter Acquisition to at least B.07.05 or later. The current version for Windows 11 Professional 64 bit is MassHunter Acquisition 10.2

    It might help if we could see the logs when the system goes offline.  There will be a sequence_info.log located in the X:\Masshunter\GCMS\[1,2,3,4]\ directory.  If the sequence crashes it is important to copy this file before attempting to run a new sequence.

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