standards for GCMS evaluation


I already asked similar question concerning standard for LCMS, but here I'm looking for help for GCMS.

Has anybody used the following standard kits for GCMS, please?

Agilent: Test Std HP-1 / HP-5, Ultra 1&2 (Capillary); PN 5080-8858:

Agilent: FID MDL sample Kit PN 5188-5372

I was planning to use them in GCMS OQ and PQ tests and for  GC column evaluation. Unfortunately, there is no additional information in the boxes except the ampules. There is no certificates or extra documents describing the samples, methods, purpose, so I'm lost. I wonder If I have to figure the use of these samples out by myself. 
I already asked about Agilent GCMS Checkout sample and I received great information back from Mr. Paul Salverda (tag: Agilent checkout sample 05970-60045). I hope, that maybe someone can share similar answer. 
Thank you. 
  • The boxes of standards should have shipped with a Certificate of Analysis enclosed.  If you go to, you can search on the part number.  A number of the hits are CofAs from different batches.  part 5080-8858 CofA Lot CF-4631W.pdf (   which shows:

    You can also get certificates of analysis for any Agilent test sample by searching here: eCertificates of Performance | Agilent


    For    5188-5372.  5188-5372-1@CF-0175.pdf (   That one even has the GC conditions on the document!


    But what GC conditions for the first one, 5080-8858 ?   It's used as one of the test standards for HP-1/HP-5, Ultra 1&2 a CofA for one of those columns might show it?   Use the eCertificates link to find yours or look in the column box.This is the only one I have handy.  It's not the same standard but shows that the test conditions are listed.


    Now 1.2 ml/min of hydrogen carrier into an FID is great, but into a GCMS is not great. I would reduce that flow to 0.7 ml/min.   The MS vacuum is going to speed up the analysis compared to the FID, so maybe 65 isothermal on hydrogen will work fine, but a few degrees hotter may work, too.


    Agilent tests every column. The included certificate was run on the column in the box


    If you can't find it online, call your country's toll free number for Agilent and work your way through the phone tree to the columns folks.  In the US it is 1 for sales, then 1 for columns and supplies. They'll be able to help you out!



  • Mr. Paul Salverda.

    Thank you very much for your answer. I appreciate it. 


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