Fatal sequence Error Message on 6890N/5975 - "Array Index 2 out of bounds"

Getting a fatal error message that randomly stops a sequence on a 6890N/5975:

Other than sequences randomly stopping with this error, everything else looks great on the Instrument. The error only shows in the sequence log, nothing in the instrument logbook on the main acquisition screen.

We tried completely un-installing and re-installing Chemstation with no luck. 

What would be the source of this error?

  • Is that MSD Chemstation Version D.02  ?  That intermittent error was resolved in an update to D.03.

    If your MSD Chemstation Version is D.03 or later, then it may be related to a printer driver?  Did anything else change on the computer?  Was a Windows update applied?

    It has been way too long since I looked at MSD Chemstation.  Is it possible that you have named the directory 072723CAL/   with that forward slash as part of the name?  MSD Chemstation does not like odd characters or file names with more than 40 total characters.

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