Ion body driver cannot maintain the requested voltage

We have a 7010b TQ and went from perfect tune and operation to the above error after venting to change out a column. What we've done:

Used the previous column

Used no column, just blank ferrule. 

Cleaned source. 

Checked for continuity between source components and analyzer. 

Checked for shorts /continuity between source and heaters and shorts between heaters and anywhere on the body or analyzer

Blew out the chamber and source / analyser with low pressure nitrogen. 

Updated firmware

Tried default tunes

Deleted the machine from configuration and added it again. 

Checked transfer line and tested for continuity between it and analyzer, source, etc while chamber closed. 

I am at a loss. Any input would be very much appreciated. 

  • How old is the ceramic tip seal?  Is it pristine white or discolored at all?  That needs to be replaced quite often as the tip of it is continuously exposed to column effluent/sample residue. Current leakage through that part is not measurable with a voltmeter.

    The HES ion body connection is the green wire from the ceramic source connector board to the source radiator, through the magnets to the top.  The contact to the ion body is through the two long gold screws through the source mount. When cleaning, always wipe the mounting ears and source radiator mount locations on the source radiator.

    Does this happen with the transferline, source, and quad cold?  

    The HES does not tune properly with no flow.

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