Problems with oxygen, in GC/MS

Good morning, I have spent two weeks with the oxygen concentration at 1.9% and the nitrogen at 7%, I would like to know how I can lower them. We have a GC/MS, 7890B/5977B.

  • I had this similar issue with our GCMS after replacing a helium purifier. The best way to reduce the oxygen and nitrogen showing in your tunes is to run approximately 20-40 blanks depending on your cycle time. I have about a 30 minute cycle time and finally got my tunes back to normal after 25 blanks. I would also check for leaks and make sure the screws fastening your column in the oven aren't lose. Give it time to purge the column, and if this doesn't work I recommend a steam clean. 

  • Good morning, thank you very much for your indications, we are going to check for leaks, so as not to make injections before lowering N and O. The equipment has been stabilizing for two weeks, and the parameters remain stagnant at the indicated values.

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