GC/MS data not collected

 Has anyone seen this error before? The sequence starts the run, and the method is run fine but when it completes and is trying to transfer the data this error appears. I have never seen this previously so not sure how to correct it! I've checked the log files but these are no use unless you understand the programming side of the software! Previously it was running fine so not sure what's happened since I last run the instrument.  

  • Yes this Alert happens.  The method runs, but is there any signal shown on the chromatographic window during the run that is just behind this alert?   If there is no signal - there won't be any data file collected.  If the MS electron multiplier is set too low, or the threshold set too high, there will be no signal.    If the retention time increments, the run is starting and the remote start/stop cables are connected.  Could there be a bad filament? Does the MS still tune?  Try filament 2, save the tune as Atune_Filament2.U and then point your method at the new tune file and try again.

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