ion signal in MSD

Good morning
It turns out that this is the first time something so particular has happened to me with my GC-MSD (6850-5975). I work with MassHunter 10.0.368 and from one moment to another the signal for two of my work standards (organophosphates and phenols) has stopped coming out. In other words, it is as if the MSD were not detecting any ions. It was thought that it was the column, the respective treatment was carried out and there were no changes. But this is where I have the biggest doubt: To rule out the column, a hydrocarbon standard with FID was injected and everything went well. Then with MSD and everything went well. Another injection was done with MSD using a PAH standard and it went well as well. But if the usual work standards are injected, there is no signal from any peak. It was thought that it was some error in the method, it was created from scratch, it was run as a scan and no peak came out.
If anyone can give me some guidance I would appreciate it.
Thank you 

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