GCMS and HS issues: "Tray motor error {async Error #1]" "Lost connection to agilent G1888 Headspace Sampler at"

Im running on an old GCMS with headspace sampler. Its been failing during runs recently. The logbook shows that the oven is not ready at run time for each sample. After about 10 samples it just stops collecting data. The headspace continues to cook all of the samples. At the end of the sequence it will report "Tray motor error [Async error #1]" and then "Lost connection to Agilent G1888 Headspace Sampler at". Any idea how to troubleshoot or solve this issue. I currently have a new belt to replace on the HS, as I have noticed that it seems to get stuck around vial 13, and the HS never resets at the end of runs, it attempts to rotate back to vial position 1 but gets stuck around the turns. Now turn if this is a belt issue, or maybe connection issue. We have had a lot of problems with the HS connecting to the computer. Maybe needs a new wire or something?

  • If the GC oven isn't ready when the HS is ready for injection, the cycle time on the HS needs to be increased.  This should be the time to run the sample and for the GC to return to ready state.

    The tray motor error is harder to diagnose remotely.  There are some belts in the tray motor assembly, and perhaps one of them has worn to the point where it is slipping.  It may be worth getting an Agilent service rep on-site to look at the problem.

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