Agilent 7000D - MS gone offline

When I came to use my 7000D this morning it seems that the MS (but not the GC) has taken itself offline for some reason! Despite doing all the obvious stuff like restarting the software and then the computer several times, as well as checking the ethernet connections to the instrument, this doesn't resolve the issue.  
From the screenshot, you can see that all the MS parameters (second row) in Masshunter are blanked out and the instrument status has gone to ‘Offline’. In the same vein, tune and vacuum control menus and are also unavailable which is a problem given that one possible fix might be an MS restart (which I would imagine requires a vent), the controls for which are in the vacuum control menu.
Can anyone suggest a reason and possible resolution to this please? Is it possible to restart the MS without having to vent down? If venting is required, how is this done without access to the vacuum control menu?
Kind Regards
  • Glad it's back online. A power cycle waiting a few seconds in between is the simple answer, and that's what you did.  The anti-suckback valve in the rough pump shuts when the power goes off to prevent a catastrophic backstream/venting through the exhaust - as would happen in a power outage - so it protects the system.  The turbo pump just slowly spins down.   When the system comes back up, the default 100/100/100 temperatures are loaded.

    So if you had to vent all the way to atmosphere without the computer/software working, you would power cycle, then wait an hour or so for the temperatures to come down to 100/100/100, then turn off the power, wait for the turbo pump to spin down some  - maybe ten or fifteen more minutes - and then open the vent valve.

  • Thanks Paul,

    Great answer and made sense of what I classed as 'odd behaviour'... Was wondering why no matter what I did, the quads etc. were refusing to warm up to temp again!

    Kind Regards


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