How to clean 5975C front dust cover?

The front cover on my 5975c is clogged with dust.  How do I clean it?

  • It's best to set the system to vent and turn off the power first.  You do not need to actually vent it/open the MS.

    Lift off the analyzer cover as shown.

    Remove the three T-20 screws at the red arrows. 

    Then the entire side panel will pivot out from the back around the front right where it has a tab into a slot. Do this carefully, as there is a cable connected to the keyboard/display.  Carefully remove that cable, then remove the entire cover.

    Vacuum the cover.  Vacuum the fan that is behind the cover. It cools the turbo or diffusion high vacuum pump and is critical to the operation of the system.  If it looks this dirty, take extra time and make sure it's really clean and cleared of any dust!

              get it clean!    

    Then reconnect the Local User Interface (keyboard and display) cable, put the tabs into the slots on the right, pivot the cover back into place, put in the three screws, and put the analyzer cover back on.  Pump it down.

    If the area behind the fan is also super dirty, it might be smart to pay Agilent to come out and get deeper into the system to clean out the dust.  If the electronics become too dirty they get overheated and can fail.  "No user serviceable parts inside" -- it's best to let trained field service engineers open up the electronics module to clean it out.

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