SIM/SCAN error 7890B/5977A

Hello everyone,

I a currently working on a 7890B/5977A with turbo pump.

I try to run a SIM/SCAN method with 3 Groups SIM

time 0-6 :  64-96  - dwell : 100

time 6-19 : 43-55-70  - dwell : 100

time 19-22 : 43-67-68  - dwell : 100

When running the SIM/Scan method, only the first SIM group was collected. But looking at the screen of the acquisition software, each of the three group seems to be collected according to the method. 

After the run, the SIM signal contain only the first group for all the run time

If we run only the SIM method with 3 SIM group - > all works and the three SIM windows were found into the SIM signal.


What we have done 

- resend the firmware to GC and MS

- starting from a new method

 -change the MS Mother Board

 - change the network board

- change the sideboard PCA

The same 3-group SIM method works without any problem on an other GC/MS with the same configuration.

the software version is MassHunter for acquisition : B.07.00  and data analysis  F01.00

Lost ....

Thank you for your help


  • Hi

    can you upload a picture of your TIC?

    did you checked your masshunter qualitative method


    i suggest first to inject all your sims in the same time segment, they are 7 ions, they can be detected easily, you may need to set dwell time on 50 ms 

    so you can finish your application then try to find the reason of the problem

    your problem is so weird,i suggest to check your softwares, i don't suspect any hardware error

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