front inlet flow and pressure shutdown 7820A/5977B

Hello Everyone,

I am using 7820A GC coupled with 5977B Mass Spec. After use I close the He tank and later on I get 2 messages - 'Front inlet flow shutdown' and 'Front inlet pressure shutdown'. I restarted the software but it fails to load any GC method and the flow shutdown problem also persists even after opening the He gas tank. The GC oven temperature become 25degC. Could you help me with this?


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  • @paulsalverda

    Thank you so much for your detailed reply. For now, i have turned off both the GC and the MS as I cannot reach the machine at present. Next time, I switch it on, should the sequence of turning the system on be - computer --> carrier gas --> GC --> MS ? Also, do you recommend venting the system as well?

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