Heated Transfer line installation on a 7890B GC

I'm hoping to get some help on a concept that may have already been performed in another lab, but information has been hard to find.

We have a 7890B GC that is set up with a MS, and I would like to connect a heated transfer line (like the one on a 7697 HS sampler) to the GC S/SL inlet. My goal is to use the transfer line to introduce a manual injection from a 3rd party tool that would easily connect to the front end of the transfer line. I have been told that the GC should be able to provide the gas flow and power for heating the line.

My questions are:

  1. The samples we are collecting will be run manually, but the external tool may have the capability to send signal to the GC for a "start" option. I presume we will have to manually start our GC/MS collections.
    1. The type of testing we want to do will essentially be a live/direct analysis, so we shouldn't need to worry about a sample loop.
    2. Can we use the mass flow controller for the inlet to control the gas flow into the external tool to control the system flow and keep the GC inlet pressure in the appropriate range.
    3. Is it possible to use the GC inlet as a cold trap while the external tool is flowing exhaust into the transfer line?
  2. The transfer line heating- Does the Masshunter software allow control of the auxillary heating?
    a. Can we purchase the transfer line from Agilent?


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