vent the system after finish the sequence

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nowadays i have electricity problem at definite time .nearly i vent the GCMS instrument every day although i have UPS.

my question is there any way to vent the system at definite time electronical or after finish the sequence , this is to increase the productivity of instrument and save the instrument from power frailer . also if it available baking out the system before any sequence.

the instrument 5977 and 5975 and 5977HES

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  • How long is your "electricity problem" ?   And what is it?  A switchover or a full-on power fail or?

    Agilent does not support GC or GCMS on a UPS as too many UPS cannot handle the high amperage load.  See: (+) Use of a UPS to Supply Power to an Agilent GC or GC-MS System - Files - GC/MS - Agilent Community  

    There are a few ways around this issue.  I would create a method and tune file that has all of the system heaters set to either OFF or a low temperature like 35C. Save it as something like "Prep_To_Vent.M"  Put that method as the last run in your sequence.  It will load that method and try to let the temperatures fall. It may never come ready, but that's fine.  Then when you want to vent it's cold ready to go.

    That's also one way to bake it out - make a BAKE.M method and BAKE.U tune (source 300, quad still at 150 as there is no reason to bake the quad) and load that as your first run in the sequence.  The only problem is that the next sequence line the system will not be quite as equilibrated as it should be for good reproducibility forward.   The system will come ready when the temperatures are ready, but that does not mean it 's fully equilibrated which takes at least an hour or more.   

    To automate it, you'll need to add the columns in your sequence table for Keyword and Keyword String, then set the TYPE to "Keyword" and the Keyword to "VENT".   MSD only. Used at the end of sequencing, to vent the MSD.


    There is also a Keyword for "BAKE"  === Performs the MSD Bake method. The parameters for the MSD Bake method are set in Tune and Vacuum Control View by selecting Execute>Bake Out MSD.

    I will also add that baking is highly overrated.  If your method parameters are good and your samples do not have high boiling point residue, baking rarely does much.


  • still turbo pump is working and consuming power from ups and will shoutdown

  • Did you try the Keyword  ----   Vent    ----    at the end of the sequence?

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