Exhaust Oil Mist Filter - GC/MS vacuum Pump

Good Afternoon,

As of recent, I've noticed our vacuum pump for our GC/MS system (5975C , 7890A) will leak oil continuously while the pump is actively on. It will spray oil around the main base of the unit and leak outside of the drip exit. (not where is screws in but up higher) We have a Pfeiffer Vacuum Pump Duo 3 with exhaust oil mist filter G10099-80039.  We had our yearly PM in august and I just drained and changed out the fluid as well. 

Any insight or advice would be appreciated. 

Thank you in advance!

  • Hi

    If you will check above manual then will find that there is a maintenance kit of pump which should be replaced during leak problem first..

    It's like some gaskets..

    But if experienced then do otherwise take help from local support..

  • Joseph - the pump leaks or the mist filter leaks?   

    If it's the rough pump itself leaking, which is nearly always a worn out shaft seal, that requires pump replacement or rebuilding.

    It there is oil out the mist filter, that could indicate a large gas leak before the pump or internal to the pump.  At typical GCMS flow of 1.2 ml/min, there is not much mist created. A big leak creates lots of mist which condenses in the filter and comes out the drip tube.   The most mist/droplets created under normal circumstances is when pumping down the system after maintenance.  If you forget to hold the analyzer door shut the system will try to pump down for about 8 minutes before shutting off and that creates a large cloud of mist that the mist filter has to handle.

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