Recovering data from an incomplete MassHunter acquisition file.

We are acquiring data from a 7890/5975 GCMS with a Gerstel MPS2 autosampler using MassHunter. We have experienced a glitch 3 or 4 times over the past month: MassHunter freezes up during acquisition and can only be restarted by ending msincrtl and the PAL driver using Taskmanager. Masshunter analysis says that there is no data in the file. Is there a utility that can recover data from files that were prematurely terminated?

  • Which version of MassHunter? Are you using Gerstel control software for the sampler (if so, what version) or MassHunter?  What Firmware versions on the Gerstel, GC, and MS?

    Would you share the sequence log file?  

    There are files under the data file subdirectory. If, msscan.bin, mspeak.bin, etc are data was saved to even try to recover.

  • MassHunter 10.1.384.1. The rail was originally a PAL from Leap. In 2006, we upgraded it to a Gerstel. Last year, we upgraded it to a PAL (from Chromtech). The PAL firmware is 2.5.2. The CTC model is MXY 02-00B. The MS firmware is 5975 7.02.29. I don't know how to find the GC firmware but it is an 7890A , model G3440A. When the glitch happens, no sequence files are available. The etc. are not 0.

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