Analysis acetic acid and formic acid GC-MS


I am trying to create a GC-MS method for the headspace analysis of solid material. I will sample the headspace of this solid material with a SPME CAR/PDMS fiber. Some of the components in the headspace are acetic acid and formic acid, but I run into some problems while creating the method for this two components.  We only want to qualify the components, quantifying the components is not necessary. We are using a HP-5 column (30m) and we prefer to analyze using this column. Here are some details from the method I use:

Injection: splitless with SPME with a injection temperature of 220 C
Oven program: 30 C with a hold time of 2 minutes; then a ramp of 20 C/min to 220 C with a hold time of 10 minutes

Many thanks!

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