7010 GC-MS TQD rear side door stuck


I am trying to access the rear analyzer for the first time and I can't open the side door the same way I can open the side door on the front. The back door feels like it's stuck while the front door opens easily after venting. Besides the two screws which lock the side plate, is there anything else that locks the rear analyzer side plate and prevents it from opening once vented?

  • When installing the trim piece on top of the manifold, (this is the sheetmetal bracket which the top cover screws on to) the screws go into the top of the manifold. Six (6) mm long screws need to be used, 0510-0390 screw. However, other places on the GCMS QQQ there are eight (8) mm screws, 0515-0380 screw, which are used. If the eight (8) mm screw, 0515-0380 screw, is used by mistake to fasten the trim bracket, it will lock in the rear analyzer.

    Or it could be something simple like -- it's never been opened before and the O ring is very tight, nearly stuck to the analyzer side plate.

  • Also - be very careful to clean off the cables and everything nearby before opening it. Any dust that falls inside WILL cause noise later.  

    The collision cell itself is aligned to the front and rear analyzers as they are opened and closed. DO NOT force one of them shut when closing as damage could occur.  

  • I confirmed the screw was the culprit, thanks!

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