Unable to Relock method using existing retention time locking data

I have a pesticides MRM method running on a 7890B/7000C for which we use retention time locking. Recently, I have been unable to relock a method after performing maintenance/replacing column/etc. Last fall, we recovered from a severe ransomware attack and initially I assumed that somehow the RTL data was corrupted when we restored the methods. I unlocked the method, deleted the existing RTL data and acquired new RTL data. I was able to acquire the RTL data and lock the method without issue. When the method is loaded it shows "Retention Time Locked to" exactly as it should. However, I recently needed to replace my column and when I tried to "relock" the method, I was launched again into an unending cycle of Acquisition-Qual-repeat that can only be exited by force quitting acquisition from the task manager. 

In the past, choosing relock method would open up pop-ups confirming the ion, the desired RT, etc and then acquire one file and calculate and set the new flow. Now, the process starts with the expected pop-ups (ion, RT) but instead of acquiring a new data file it says "invalid calculation for new flow or pressure" and opens qual, with no file open. If I close qual, acquisition gives the error "Error in MH Bridge File D:\....\write rtl time.dll does not exist!". If I click OK or Cancel, it goes back to the RT time pop up, and clicking OK or Cancel opens Qual again and around and around we go, until I force quit it. 

Am I missing a step somewhere? It didn't used to be this complicated. 

MH Acquisition version B.07.06.2704

Qual Version B.07.00 SP2

I appreciate any help!

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