"Cannot open log for source", Software issue during start up of GC/MS Data Aquisition B.07.01 (GC 7890B MS 5977A Windows 7)

Hello all,

I have a problem with the GC/MS Data Aquisition software (version B.07.01) after restarting the computer (Win 7) it is running on.
The software first checks for the MS, the GC and the Chemstation, which finishes with "All Networked Instruments found" before the GUI opens.
Than a window opens which reports a Bootup ConfigUI Error (see screenshot) with the message "Cannot open log for source 'AgGC7890Drv '. You may not have write access."
The only possibility is to press OK after which the program opens a second dialog and then shuts down (second screenshot). 

I already tried to change the permissions for the folders of the software itself (PROGRAMS/GCMS) and the folders containing the log files as well as running it as administrator.
Does anybody experienced this issue and know how to solve/circumvent it?

Kind regards

  • Hi Goldstein,

    Try creating a second instrument with the same configuration to see if this resolves the issue.



  • Dear James, how we can do this? Do you have a small guide for us? Many thanks

  • The Masshunter guide under creating an instrument will have have this. With all software closed, open the Agilent MSD Configuration icon on your desktop. It appears as a yellow gear wheel. The window will look like below. Duplicate instrument 1 in the instrument two position. 

  • Dear James,

    Many thanks , we will try and let you know if it is working or not.

    In mean time with kind regards

  • Dear James,

    thank you for this advise, I tried it but unfortunately the same error appeared.

    Kind regards

  • Dear James, 

    for me the same, we have the same error appeared. What do you suggest to do next? Deinstall and reistall the Acquisition Software? Please let me know

    Kind regards

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