Prepare GC/MS For Column Maintenance

Hello Everyone,

I'm very new and don't have much experience in troubleshooting the GC-MS so I need your help. I'm operating on Agilent 7890B and 5977 MSD. Recently I've noticed very big baseline noise. I have changed the inlet septum and liner, which helped a little bit, but not enough. I suspect that contamination might be already in the column so I would like to trim the column and bake it out. Could you please let me know how should I prepare the GC and MSD for this process? I know that I have to cool the oven and inlet to room temperature, but what about the MSD and gas flow? Should I vent the MSD (the column is connected directly to MSD), and what about the carrier gas (He), should I close the cylinder?

If someone would be able to help, I will appreciate this a lot.

Thank you.

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  • Hi Agnes,

    If you will see those links then you will find that once system vent cycle done then all temperatures are cool and flow also off..

    After venting done, switch off MS and GC and do trimming etc.

    Once you swtich off system then no flow in column then no need to close cylinder.All flows are controlled by EPC which will shut all flows in case of shutdown or swtich off of instrument.

    After doing maintenance, you can start procedure of pump down of MS and switch on GC.

    Once pump down cycle completed then after you can bake out..

    Your MS is only have turbo pump or with diffusion pump.

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