Extractor lens error message when performing Autotune on 5977HES MSD

Hi, I am using a 5977HES MSD. When I perform a Quick Tune, everything is fine but when I perform a normal High Efficiency Source Autotune I get an error message (extractor lens may not be connected).  I joined a copy of the tunes. I know, N2 is pretty high but everything else is normal and I don't think that is the cause of my problem.  Does anyone have any idea of why I get the error message only in "full tune" mode? And what can I do to fix it? I've try rebooting the system but it did not work.


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  • Christine,  The lens contacts between the HES source and the MS itself are made with spring loaded pins that touch the pressed in ball, or the machined ramp, on the edge of the lenses, depending on the version of the parts installed.  This makes it very easy to remove and replace the source.  That contact area is very small. Sample residue gets everywhere inside the analyzer vacuum chamber and gets in there, too.  I would suggest following the instructions/videos in the manual and vent the ms, remove the source, clean it including the edges of the lenses -- even if you already did just to be careful, reassemble it, reinstall it, and it will more than likely work just fine. 


    The ion source electromagnetic/electrostatic fields that influence the ions are affected by a coating as thin as only a few hundred Angstroms.  This happens with normal operation from your samples and needs to be cleaned to keep the system functioning well.  It doesn't take a lot of scrubbing to remove a few hundred Angstroms of adhered organics, and so should be done regularly. A thorough and careful cleaning solves most MS ion source issues.


    Is the N2 a bad tank of gas or did you just replace the GasClean filter cartridge?  The filter cartridges are shipped full of Nitrogen and it can take a while for it to be purged out.

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  • Thanks for the reply, the high N2 is due to a cartridge replacement and a shutdown for maintenance. The MS was vented but not open during the procedure.  Next time I'll go to the lab, I'll try cleaning the source. But I still don't get why I obtain an error message only when I perform a "full Tune" and the message is not there when I do a quick Tune. Is there more parameters that are verified in a full Tune that could explain why the message is not always there?



  • From the online MassHunter Acquisition Help:



    A QuickTune does not ramp the lenses. If the lens voltage works at the full autotune setting during a quicktune, the algorithm doesn't check further.

  • Thanks for the fast answer. I won't go to the lab till the end of the week so I don't have acces to the Help menu of MassHunter. I really appreciate the help provided.  I'll try cleaning the source next time I go to the lab.


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