MSD lowest parameters for leak searching

Hi all,


I need to switch column every 2 weeks on a GC (7890B) / MS (5977A).

The first time I did it, I had a leak in the system and I had to vent it again to fix it (o-ring of the vent valve).

This took time because the heating zones are at 280, 280, 150ºC for transfer line, Source and Quad respectively.

I don't have Ar or polyfluoroethane spray for leak detection.


Today, following an Agilent document, I have created a Maintenance.M method with a cool.U tune file where heated zones will be at 100ºC or below. This method is loaded before venting the system.

So, after pump down, the heated zones will stay at those temperatures.


My question is: can I use the MSD to check for water/air leaks with those temperature parameters?



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