change the column gc/ms without stopped turbo pump

Hello !!

I have a question.
how I can change the column in the gc/ms without stopped turbopump ? It is possible?
regards Azrael ?

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  • Hi James !

    thank you for the link !


  • Good morning everybody,

    About CFT products.

    I have this CFT purged union connected to an EPC doing nothing in the oven of the GC-MS (most of the hardware was installed before I started to work with the equipment).

    Could I use it to swap columns without venting the MS?

    The setup would be: injector - column - CFT purged union - 2.5mx250µm deactivated capillary going into the MS transfer line.

    Helium would be allowed to flow through the purged union (at what pressure?) when columns would be swapped. That way, there would be a 'blanket' of He preventing air from getting in the line.

    Other advantages would be, besides avoiding venting the MS:

    - saving the thread of the MS transfer line from damages caused from opening/closing the connection and eliminating this potential point for leaks,

    - if both ends of the columns have CFT connections, it could be stored by connecting those ends to a CFT union therefore avoiding septum particles to get in the column and leading to having to redo connections (cutting column, using ferrules,...).

    Could this solution be applied?

    Thank you.

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