How can I ignore the FID on a GC-MSD system?

I have been operating an 7890A/5975C with Chemstation version E.02.00.493 for a couple of years. The autosampler is a Gerstel MPS2 (model MXY-02-00B) controlled by Maestro version 1.10[017] and the GC has an FID in the front detector position. I have run many MS samples while ignoring the FID. The FID gases are supplied by a Parker FID gas station. My methods almost never use the FID, but I keep it running as that is Parker's recommendation. The gas station is malfunctioning, so I shut down the detector. When running a sequence, the GC would not become ready, even if I unchecked the boxes for the temperatures and flame. I went into configuration and unconfigured the front detector. Now, when I run a sequence, Maestro waits for prep run on each sample. Auto prep run is off and turning it on results in a GC run abort error. How should I set configuration and options to run the system with no FID?

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