Hi Community,

on my 5977B with HES source, during the tune this error message appears:

tune extractor lens may not be connected please evaluate tune ramps

The tune seems correct, but I'd like to fix this error.


Can you help me?

  • Hi,


    this error occurs because the instrument/software expects a kind of of curve during tuning. If the curve (start, end, max points) are not as expected you got this error message.

    Stay back and be cool, if you don't see any other issues on the tune and results are ok there is no need to vent the instrument.

    If you like to troubleshoot this:

    This could caused by

             - high background (H2O,air) in the system, bake out and tune again.

              - scratches and dirt on the lenses, clean or replace them.

              - bad connection between the radiator pins and the lenses, try to wiggle the pins on the radiator. Remove the             source and you should see inside the radiator the spring loaded pins on the right side. Press them down with you             finger some times (wear gloves and be sure the system isn't hot).




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