7890B Front inlet heating too slowly: Temperature shut down.

Hello.  We have been having issue with our 7890B GC that we run Simdis D2887.  We got this issue last week and we restarted GC.  Worked fine for a couple of days then is now doing it every day, multiple times a day during the sequence runs. 

The GC is working perfectly for weeks then it starts getting these  "Front inlet heating too slowly: Temperature shut down" errors. 

We have done maintenance on inlet - Brushed the inlet out, changing septum, washer, liner, column nut and then reinstalling column.  Still getting error.  We then checked & cleaned jet.  Still getting error.  Then replaced entire column & inlet consumables.  Still getting the error. 

We changed out the heater temperature sensor for PTV/TPI 7890 and this did not fix the issue.  Inlet comes to set inlet temperature of 100°C quickly no problem.  Once the oven temperature is ramped the inlet temperature is to increase 10°C/min.  The front inlet temperature rises but not as quickly as it is meant to.  Back inlet does keep up.

Is this then a heater block issue or a fan to inlet issue or both?

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