No peaks found and restriction detected

I have started using GC-FID (Agilent 8890) since March for the first time. We are trying to measure the methane. I was trying to make a standard surve, so I injected 1000 ppm methane standard at first. Just to let you guys know no samples has been run so far on this machine. However, I am not getting any peaks for so long. We have tried the 99.5% methane, and we got very inconsistent peaks, and often I do not get any peaks. Recently, i got to know about Diagnosis test. i have run the test and It did not pass the "leak and restriction test" and "septum purge test". It shows," restriction detected in the primary flow path (inlet, column)". Is it the only reason we were not getting peaks? How would I resolve this issue? I am using GS-CarbonPLOT column and we inject through this white filter. I have attached the instrument setup and the column.


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