why cannot my GC inject sample automatically?

I'm using GC6890A with OpenLab software. 

I'm running GC conitnuously with a gas phase of mixture (N2, H2, Ethanol and Acetaldehyde). Everything was fine.

Then, I added water into the mixture and my GC got blocked. I disconnected the inlet and valco then clean it up with air gun and acetone.

After installing it back to GC, I can run single sample by clicking a button at the software. However, 2 hours later, I cannot do the same action with single sample or even squence. 

If I run sequence sample it aborted immediately and i got the information that It was off because hardware error. 

The only thing I can do is click the button on the keyboard of the GC.

If I disconnected the cable from GC to computer and connected again, I tried to start the sequence and here it what i got.

Does anyone know how to fix it?

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