GC 6890 FID problem

hello everybody

Who Can help me ? 

GC-6890  FID detector

3 error messages

Front detector Utility gaz detector not ready

Front detector make up gaz detector not ready

Front detector H2 not ready.

However I can seen a read-back on the screen and on the GC-Control Panel. 

Thank you in advance 



  • HI Sebastien, 

    What are your detector flow outputs and what are the current readings?  If the readings are low, do you have enough pressure to supply the GC?  You could also have a plugged jet.  


  • For the GC-6890 FID detector issues you're experiencing, here's a simplified approach to troubleshoot the errors:
    1. Gas Supplies:

      • Make sure all gas supplies (utility, makeup, hydrogen) are on.
      • Check that the pressure and flow rates are correct.
    2. Gas Lines and Connections:

      • Look for any leaks in the gas lines and fix them.
      • Ensure connections are secure and there are no blockages.
    3. Detector Settings:

      • Double-check the front detector settings on the GC-Control Panel to make sure they're correct.

    Remember to always follow safety guidelines when working with the GC.

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