7697A leak test failed


Our Headspace sampler 7697A Leak test failed. Leak test failing at the stage 1 off the Restriction and Pressure Decay Test.

Going from there, the sample probe was replaced as well as the pressurization solenoid valve but without success.   

The method for the 7697A was set up as continue in case of “vial leak test fails” and the chromatograms of our samples did not seem to have problem.

All vials are marked as leaking in the Activity log, sometimes with leak over 50mL/min.   

Do we have really a leak or is something else happening like failing PCM module?   

Thanks for your help.   


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  • Hi CMZainea,

    Thank you for your feedback. The leak test for the 6 ports valve was passing, so no leaks detected at the valve. Any other leaks were detected from the visible piping and connection from the back panel of the 7697A going to the 6 ways valve.

    That just leave the PCM module ($$$$) or the pressurization valve. Or something else.

    So far the system is running with the feature "vial leak test off" and it the seems to have a leak. But if placed back on each injection will fail as vial leak detected.



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