ALS error #142

Hello, I have a 7890A GC (FW A.01.14) with a 7683B ALS system (G2913A inj tower (FW A.11.03), G2614 tray (FW A.02.01), and G3430A controller (FW A.01.00)) controlled by OpenLab CDS 2.6. Every time a sample is submitted via the ALS the run is aborted with the error message “sampler error #142: Autosampler setpoint error” I have been unable to solve the problem or find any information on this error.

When a run is submitted, the autosampler moves the vial from the tray to the injection tower. The syringe moves into position for the first needle wash and then the sample aborts. No error lights are present on the ALS.

This system is typically used with a G1888 headspace sampler and is working fine in this mode. This is the first time we've tried to use the ALS system. Any ideas or advice would be welcome.

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