7697A Headspace Sampler Transfer line Connection to 7890B GC

We recently obtained a 7697A Headspace Sampler for a 7890B GC. The sampler is used and I'm not sure we received all that is necessary to connect it to the GC. We have a vertical bracket and clamp to hold the transfer line above the GC inlet, but nothing for the connecting interface. I was hoping someone could point to the items needed for the interface and/or a picture of this connection. 

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  • As a disclaimer, I have very little GC experience. My expertise is in HPLC. So, when we got this system, used, I was tasked to set it up. I had never done any headspace sampling before. I didn't have all the accessories that were needed, so I did not realize a small bore transfer line (e.g. 160-2535-5) was threaded through the heated conduit tube to attach to the valve on the sampler. I had, wrongly, assumed the heated conduit tube WAS the transfer line. Once I realized my error, the connection of the sampler to the GC made sense with the 0.530 mm ID piercing the septum of the inlet. So, hopefully I'm on my way to getting the system set up.

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