Carrier Gas Flow Correction Setting

Hey All!

I want to know about Carrier Gas flow Correction.

We have 3 types:

Column + Fuel = Constant

Column + makeup = Constant

Constant Makeup and fuel flow

When do I have to use each of them?

I use in my routine column + makeup constant

  • The idea behind the multiple modes is to keep the flows going through your FID constant.  Changing flows will change the flame characteristics and cause the baseline to shift.  Some suggestions:

    If your column is set to constant flow mode, use "Constant makeup and fuel flow."

    If your column is set to constant pressure mode, use "Column + makeup = constant."  As the oven temperature increases, the column flow will decrease.  In this mode the makeup flow will increase as column flow decreases to keep the total constant.  This mode is also appropriate when the column is set in ramped flow or ramped pressure mode.

    If your column is set to constant pressure, ramped flow, or ramped pressure mode and you're using hydrogen carrier, use "Column + fuel = constant."  This makes sure the total hydrogen flow into the FID stays constant.

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