7890B SSL-FID occasional spike during residual analysis. Electrometer board seems to correct issue.

List of instruments

1. GC01, 7890A-SSL-FID-MS no issues

2. GC02, 7890A-SSL-FID no issues

3. GC03, 7890B-SSL-FID no issues

4. GC04, 7890A-SSL-FID no issues

5. GC05, 7890A-SSL-FID no issues

6. GC06, 7890B-SSL-FID had spiking, PM'ed GC replaced Column, Liner, Gold-Seal- Collector- Septa-Gas Filter. Spiking not corrected. Replaced electrometer board and spiking stopped. It lasted ~ 6 months and the spiking is back. I will replace the board this October.

7. GC07, 7890B-SSL-FID spiking present, PM'ed GC and replaced Electrometer board. Operating as expected

8. GC08, 7890B-SSL-FID, the newest GC and haven't seen the spiking yet. Ordered additional electrometer board but GC06 will use that board and will order another board for GC08 when if starts the spiking issue.

Question Is there something I can do to stop having to install replacement boards when the spiking starts. Its seems to me that the electrometer boards should last a great deal longer than 6 months. I never had to replace the electrometer board in my 5890's, but a couple in my 6890's but they would last for years before issues would arise. Thanks for you help in advance.

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